The site has been progressing well


The African Music Institute, which is scheduled to open in September 2017, is entering in its third step, the interior design of the academic facility.

The site is coordinated by a consortium whose representative is SPM. It is comprised of Vinci, SNEF, SCIA and Bouygues Energie & Services for its maintenance, in order to ensure the quality required for such a pan-African infrastructure to compete with major international universities.


The first step consisted in the internal modification of the academic facility on more than 10,000 square meters. Indeed, this building had a symbolic infrastructure aimed to be a commercial gallery for international branded luxury items. The architect, with the help of the academic partner of the MAI, retained the original work, reorganizing the interior of the infrastructure in order to develop a high-tech university.

The second step was the launch of external works as the roads and foundations for new buildings such as the student housing, the restaurant, the VIP area for the auditorium and the housing for teachers.

Once the shell was completed, the building has been cleaned and prepared for the workers on the site. They were partitioning and equipping the classrooms, recording the studios, the dance halls and the administrative offices.

IMG_1195 IMG_1198 IMG_1202 IMG_1273 IMG_1285 IMG_1279 IMG_1307  IMG_1290

Workers are climbing the steps of the large auditorium but also those of the small auditorium.

The new buildings will be built in a new wooden structure in Africa and require a three-month assembly period.


The all team on the site pulls out his efforts for the opening of the university on September 2017.

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