February 11, 2019: the Master Media Management & Music Business is launched


The African Music Institute (AMI) the panafrican University of Music, Technology, Management and Engineering, Partner of Berklee College of Music, started its Master Media Management and Music Business on February 11th.

The presentation meeting of the Master’s Degree to the students was held on the morning of February the14th at AMI’s facilities with the General Director of the AMI, The Director of Education of the Master and the architect of the project, Francois Montarras.

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Nicolas Boudeville, the General Director of the AMI, took the opportunity to inform the students that the sponsor of this first promotion was Olivier Laouchez, CEO of the Trace Group.

The Director of Education of the Master Media Management & Music Business, Guy-Roger Mombo said that “the students admitted to this Master’s Degree had a Bachelor’s degree and had been selected on their knowledge of the media and music fields and their understanding of the current market situation at both professional and academic levels. The practice of a musical instrument has been an asset in the choice of their profile”.

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IEA’s Group is a partner of the Master Media Management & Music Business. After 2 years of studies, the students will therefore be graduated for both the AMI, a recognized LMD (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) diploma in Gabon, French Speaking countries in Africa and France as well as by the IEA, an LMD diploma recognized in France.

The objective of the AMI is to educate, train and enrich the students’ knowledge so that each of them, once graduated, is part of the elite of the music industry, the medias and conveys a real knowledge and expertise in his own country or on the continent.

More than training, the AMI contributes to a life project for excellence in the field of music and the arts.


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