3 Steps Application :

1 – Application Form

  • Choose your program (Bachelor, master, summer program, study abroad…)
  • Submit your online application on the AMI website, online application fee.

2 – Audition & Interview

  • You will receive an invitation to audition and interview approximately one week after you submit your application online

3 – Supporting Materials

  • Submit supporting materials: your latest official transcripts and test scores (GEDs or equivalent for admission into first year in Bachelor or Master admission).

1 -Your application

Once you have completed these steps, we will evaluate your potential to reach your goals with the benefit of the African Music Institute education.

The college’s admission program, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, relies on a strength-based assessment guided by two key questions:

  • Is the applicant ready for the challenges of the program to which he/she is applying?
  • And if so, what will this applicant bring to participate to the institution development and influence?

2 – Audition & Interview

This is your opportunity to value your assets and possibly consider obtaining a scholarship.

The AMI could assess your ablities and potential for success within its structure, while keeping in mind that you are coming to develop some skills.

Although there is a general format for the audition and interview,

each experience is unique, just like you!


The audition may consist of the following parts :
(About 15 min)

  • A prepared piece or dance of your choice
  • A dance or musical improvisation over an harmonic vamp, simple form blues, or standard tune…
  • A reading selection
  • And/or melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ear training exercises

At the discretion of each audition team, a jam with the faculty and/or technical exercises might be part of your audition.


Your interview provides an important opportunity for you to :

  • Express your goals and aspirations
  • Identitfy why the AMI is a good fit to meet those goals
  • Share your individual story about what drove you to music, dance or communication and what motivates you
  • Discuss your challenges and strengths and your potential future contrubution to the AMI‘s dynamic and culturally rich environment.

Technical details, information about instruments available or to bring available on the website.

3 – Supporting materials

The academic credential and supporting materials that you are required to provide as part of your application are based upon your unique education background. (GEDs or equivalent for admission in1st year bachelor for admision in Master)

While there is no specific test score ou class ranking requirements, your academic aptitutde will also be taken into consideration.

Any other supplemental materials such as sample of your creative work, character references, or resumes, are welcome.

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