Bachelor of Music in Performance

Do you love the stage? Do you want to be the best at your instrument? Can you feel the urge to be the next innovator on Guitar, Drums, Sax? Do you want to move people with your voice? Does the idea of communicating your deepest emotions to you audience resonate with you? You must perform!







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Performance majors develop skills, concepts, and methodology sufficient to demonstrate a level of proficiency on their principal instrument on par professional performance. They achieve this high level through private lessons, instrumental or vocal labs, and performance studies classes.

To demonstrate mastery of these skills, the performance major completes a performance portfolio, including a senior recital, that typifies current professional performance standards.

Through specially designed recital classes and specialized courses in ear training and harmonic applications and opportunities to attend classes given by visiting master performers, Performance majors develop improvisational skills and develop an aesthetic and critical understanding of the meaning of quality performance; learn to use technical and interpretive musical criteria and to apply them to your work and to that of others, work effectively with others in situations typically found in the professional performance field. Performers also participate in ensembles and public performances in the AMI’ performance venues and explore activities available through the ensemble program such as recording sessions, concerts, festivals, and tours.

The ideal Performance student:

  • derives joy from hours of practicing their instrument
  • is interested in exploring all aspects of technique and performance
  • can apply theoretical concepts to their performance practice
  • enjoys sharing their artistry with an audience
  • seeks to make a career from their music

Performance majors are given the building blocks upon which to plan performances to an international standard. Students will be able to explore contemporary as well as traditional repertoire and performance practices in their process of determining their personal style. Students will have many opportunities to perform on campus in our 600 seat Theatre or in the Institute’s outdoor venue at the various shows and festivals staged on campus or even at partner institutions around gabon and the continent.

What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of this major, you will:

  • Integrate knowledge of contemporary and traditional styles into musical interpretation;
  • Synthesize and integrate knowledge of posture, breathing and instrumental technique into your daily practice routines;
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency on your principal instrument;
  • Demonstrate the ability to sight read music in a variety of styles;
  • Play music in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles;
  • Play in ensembles of varying size, instrumentation and stylistic orientation;
  • Apply knowledge of musical styles and harmonic practices in improvisation.

All students complete Core Music courses such as:

Keyboard Fundamentals; Courses in Harmony and Theory; Arranging; Ear Training, Private Instruction; Ensembles and Labs specific to their instrument or areas of interest.

Students also complete courses in Liberal Arts: Music History; English Writing; Creativity Seminar, Introduction to Music Technology;Professional Development and electives.

The Concentrate courses for the Performance Major include: Survey of Musical Styles; Improvisation; Recital Preparation and Workshop; Health and Wellness for Musicians; Ensembles, Labs specific to their areas of interest and various electives.

Performance Majors go on to become:

  • Performing Artists;
  • Recording Artists;
  • Vocal/Instrumental Soloists;
  • Session Musicians;
  • General Business Musicians;
  • Orchestra/Group Members;
  • Background Vocalists;
  • Accompanists;
  • Rehearsal Pianists;
  • Theatre Performers;
  • Cantors;
  • Church Musician/Worship Leaders;
  • Product Demonstrators and more.

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