Bachelor of Music in Songwriting

Are you filled with Inspiration? Do lyrical ideas flow easily. Can you create a catchy melodic hook at the drop of a hat? Do you see yourself writing the next big hit? Do you want o to share your life and stories with your audience through your songs?  You might be a songwriter!

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Songwriting majors at The African Music Institute, hone  their skills in melody, harmony, and arranging. They will develop creative approaches to musical composition, lyric writing, and unearth an individual writing style. The curriculum focuses on both songwriting and performance, culminating in a portfolio of your original songs as well as songs written by other artists.
If you have an interest in writing songs for other artists, you will have the option of more advanced arranging courses and developing studio and MIDI demo production techniques.

Through the study of acknowledged masterpieces of the songwriter’s art, you will develop the critical skills necessary to recognize and discuss quality elements in musical and lyrical structure. Interpersonal and situational skills develop through the many collaborative situations that exist in the professional environment, such as cowriting songs both as composer and as lyricist, working with vocalists and instrumentalists in the production of demo recordings, and working with engineers, artists, and producers in the studio environment.

The Ideal Songwriting Student:
  • sees value in learning the craft of songwriting
  • is open to all genres, styles, types of music
  • has an interest in writing, arranging and producing songs for themselves or others
  • is excited by the recording process

Learn from professionals with years of experience in not only writing and arranging but also teaching the principles and techniques for effective songwriting. You will have the opportunity to play your music for your fellow students as well as faculty and get valuable feedback in the process of honing your craft as a songwriter.

Begin the process of producing professional quality demos of your songs in one of the many Tech Labs on the AMI Campus and complete your recording in one of our state-of-the-art Production suites or sound stages designed by world-renown acoustical engineer Francis Manzella.

What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of this degree, students will:

  • Analyze the harmonic and melodic structure of songs in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles
  • Identify and place songs in their historical, musical and social context;
  • Apply their knowledge of contemporary and traditional styles to the composition of songs;
  • Apply their knowledge of contemporary and traditional styles to the composition of original lyrics;
  • Arrange songs in a variety of musical styles for ensembles of varying size and instrumentation, including traditional ensembles of various Africa regions;
  • Create a professional portfolio of original songs.

All students complete Core Music courses such as:

Keyboard Fundamentals; Courses in Harmony and Theory; Arranging; Ear Training, Private Instruction; Ensembles and Labs specific to their instrument or areas of interest.

Students also complete courses in Liberal Arts: Music History; English Writing; Creativity Seminar, Introduction to Music Technology;Professional Development and electives.

The Concentrate courses for the Songwriting Major include: Basic Keyboard Technique; Songwriting; Lyric Writing; Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations; Arranging for Songwriters; Classes in Production and Recording; Music Business; Exploring Song Styles; Directed study and various electives.

Songwriting Majors go on to become:

  • Songwriters;
  • Composers;
  • Musical Theatre Composers/Lyricists;
  • Lyricists;
  • Performers;
  • Recording Artists;
  • Part of Songwriting teams;
  • Jingle Writers;
  • Educators and more.

A short summary of the Bachelor of Music in Songwriting in an infography:

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