Master Medias management & Music Business

Master Medias mgt & music business uk

Students will study to become leaders in radio and television, helping to guide these stations successfully. By learning to  apply management skills specific to media companies, students will be equipped to shape and influence the growing media industry in Africa and the world. Areas of study include:

  • media management
  • media marketing
  • media finance
  • internet media
  • media law
Who We Are Looking For:

We seek focused, motivated, creative candidates with excellent academic and professional backgrounds who can contribute skills that will benefit the program.

Ideal candidates should:
  • Understand the concepts and theories of media management in the digital age
  • Understand the primary leadership roles at a television station
  • Apply concepts of decision making in media leadership roles
  • Apply basic numerical and statistical concepts to the management of media
Candidates should also demonstrate:
  • Professional goals of working at an executive/managerial level in a company or creating a business/organization
  • Prior academic success (Bachelors or License)
  • Prior knowledge in business
  • Good understanding of the current situation of the entertainment industry and technology
  • Leadership in professional and/or academic environments


Master media management

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