Master Productions Media & Sound

Students will learn the technology needed to become content creators, including single-camera production and multi-camera production. Areas of study include technical skills such as:

  • videography
  • lighting
  • editing
  • sound
  • producing
  • directing
Who We Are Looking For:
We seek open-minded, ambitious musicians who want to leverage technology in pursuit of their artistic vision and career goals.

Ideal candidates should:
  • Understand the complexities of media content creation    
  • Be proficient in the tools of media technology, including camera operation, lighting, sound, and editing    
  • Be prepared for creative leadership roles such as producing, directing, or writing
Candidates should also demonstrate:
  • Excellent musicianship
  • Facility with technology
  • Success in both artistic and academic settings (Bachelors or License)
  • A strong work ethic, including prior accomplishment

The motivation to make massive progress in one year.

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